The Settings tab has the following options:

The first group (Auto update on load) shows what happens when a CVD file is loaded in nControl:

Enable Auto Update: 

When "un-checked” will prevent any updates from being transmitted to the device (nBox/projectors.)

When"checked" all settings stored in the CVD file will be transferred to the device,  such as signal set-up data and all adjustments.

Update Power On/Off State:

When “checked”, will set the power status of the projectors to that saved in the file. 

(This function only works if projector model allows control from nControl)

Update Adjustment Geometry:

(Refers to both geometry and soft edge adjustments)

When"checked" will ensure that the geometry and soft edge parameters that are saved in the CVD file will be sent to the device.

The second group of choices (Polling) shows what updates to the document (the loaded CVD file in nControl is referred to as a document) are done based on the polling to connected devices

Enable Document Update:

When "checked" will allow for updates to the document (loaded CVD file) from external sources such as connected nBox or Projectors 

When "un-checked” no external updates will affect the document.

Allow Local Projector Control:

When "checked” this will allow local changes on connected projectors to update the relevant settings in the document.

(Settings such as ON/OFF state, Contrast/Brightness, Lamp Power Eco mode etc.)

 This can either be from changes in the projectors’ menu or changes via remote control.

When "un-checked” the settings in the document will override any changes made locally on the projectors.

The last group (Save) only affects if you are getting a "save changes dialogue" on exit

Ignore Changes Upon Exit:

When "un-checked" a dialogue asking if you want to save changes appears on exit from nControl

When "checked" no dialogue asking if you want to save changes appears on exit from nControl