The Image source transmits 1920x1200 60Hz, the UTM reports an input of 960x1200 60Hz .

The UTM only handles single link signals, If the WUXGA (1920x1200 60 Hz)signal timing exeeds
maximum pixelrate transmittable on single link the graphic card will automatically transmitt on Dual link.
The UTM will then only read half the signal since it only supports single link.

1920 / 2 = 960

In order to make to make this work you need to modify the signal timing of the Image source so the
WUXGA signal does not exceed Single link capabilities.

This can normally be done from advanced signal timing or customised resolution in the graphic card properties.

the following signal timing has been proven to work:

Vertical Refresh Rate = 60
Horizontal Resolution = 1920
Vertical Resolution = 1200
Horizontal Sync Length = 32
Vertical Sync Length = 6
Horizontal Back Porch = 80
Vertical Back Porch = 26
Horizontal Total = 2080
Vertical Total = 1235