Calculated gamma with ChromaSync

ChromaSync will characterize the gamma response of a projector by measuring the light response at different points on the gamma curve. A gamma correction function will then automatically be calculated, to ensure a linear correspondence between the CompactUTM/nBox/Megawall and the projector.

No standard gamma curve is required in the projector. However, certain projector modes have non-standard response to the input signal.

Projectors with color wheel and white segment

An example of this is projectors with color wheels with a large white segment, such projectors use the white segment to boost bright areas in the image, and may not have a true "gamma curve" response. If a projector with white segment is used, it is recommended to turn off the use of white segment in the color wheel.

White boost function

Most projectors have a "white boost" function that will create a non-linear response to the input signal. For good performance with ChromaSync, white boost should be switched off.


This function is meant to enhance the color response of the projector, but will also cause a non-linear response. This function should be switched off when using ChromaSync.

Projector specific notes

Sx+25 (F1 platform)
In the service menu, this projector has an option Secondary color boost. This should be switched off.
F3 platform with BrilliantColor
BrilliantColor is on by default, and will be switched on by a factory reset. Remember to switch this off.