This article describes the procedure for upgrading nBox license key. This article assumes that you have knowledge of how to set up and manually configure your PC's IP settings. 


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The nBox requires a license key to enable the appropriate functions of the unit. All 3D perception nBoxes arrive with temporary licenses keys. This is to ensure that the product cannot be used by unauthorised personnel if, for example, the product is stolen or lost in transport. 


In order to update the license key, you need have LAN communication setup correctly between nControl and the nBox.

  • Make sure that the PC running nControl is connected via LAN to the nBox LAN1 port.
  • Make sure that the IP range of the PC is within the IP range of the nBox. The nBox default IP is


To verify that you have configured the  IP settings correctly, click on the 3DP icon in the left corner of the nControl software. Then navigate to Maintenance/Devices as shown in the image below.



The "Device maintenance" window will now pop up. The nBox will have a MAC address listed as   and end with /MWC If the MAC-address of the nBox is displayed in green, then nControl is communicating with the nBox. If it is displayed in red or not showing, then there is no established connection. Reading the article Troubleshooting network issues, is a good place to start in order to identify your communication issue.

If your nBox is listed, you can check the currently running firmware in the column Software version.

NOTE: If you have more then one nBox on your system, it is good idea to knwo which MAC-address belongs to which nBox in your rack. is which. Check the MAC-address listed in Device Maintenance with the Device address displayed in the front display on your nBox. To navigate to the Device address on the front display panel on the nBox, please check the nBox User Manual


  • Select the correct MAC Address for the corresponding nBox.
  • Right-click the mack address and select "Properties".


  • The Properties of (MAC-Address) nBox will appear.
  • Click on the "Security key" tab. Copy-past the license key and click "update". 
  • Make sure you select correct key for correct MAC-address.
  • The nBox will now restart. This might take a few minutes.