Make sure all channels contains a Gamma adjustment and a Color adjustment.

Add Gamma adjustment to all channels. Set these to type: Automatic. This will give the color calibration system access to the main Gamma settings, while it still allows the user to adjust inverse gamma. Add Color Adjustment to all channels.


Set up the Measurement channels

Click on the ChromaSync button in the Tools toolbar in nControl. Mark a Theater channel and the sensor and press the arrow to make a Measurement Channel. Use the Test Measurement button to test that it is addressed right and working. You will see a blinking LED in the Color Sensor. Do this for all channels.


Set the test patch.

In order to do a calibration the test patch in each channel must be set to cover the sensor. This is done by selecting the Channel under the Measurement channel setup and then altering the Patch size & pos values to move the patch over the sensor. The patch size should just cover the sensor. Do this for all channels.


Projector settings

 Gamma: Film 1 (2.2)

 Scaling: 1:1

 Eco mode: OFF

 White boost: 0

 Brilliant color: OFF


Dark room

Make sure the room is 100% dark. This is VERY important. Stray light will disrupt the color calibration.