In the event that you need to change the network settings of the nBox from default to a Static IP address, isue the following steps.  This procedure can also be found in the VDS Maintenance Manual on page 12, Section

1. Click on the lower part of the Start button in the Quick Access Toolbar . 

2 .Navigate to Maintenance - Devices
3. In the Devices list, select the device address of the nBox unit you wish to check. nBox addresses are usually listed as "CNXXX-0050-C23D-XXXX" or something similar.  Note: Your control PC will have to have a similar Static IP address as the nBox for inital set up.  The nBox default IP address is  Your control PC must be set to something similar, for example "" with a Subnet Mask of "" in order to see the nBox over the network.  

4. Right-click on the device address and select Properties .
5. In the generated pop-up, change the IP address to the desired Static IP address.
6 . Go to the applicable nBox and check the IP address on the front panel display. For instructions please refer to Chapter 4 in the nBox User Manual.

If you change network settings from fixed to DHCP or vice versa, or change the IP address. Make sure to wait at least 5 minutes before switching off power.

Failing to wait sufficient time for the flash to be written will result in corrupt network setting and a need to flash the nbox via redboot serial.

This procedure can only be performed by a 3D perception technician.