When you press save to device and the screen flashes yellow a .bin file containing all the settings should be saved to:

C:\GCMPCIdriver\ on the UTM

If this is not happening I suspect that either the .bin file is corrupt or that the user account that is logged in on the UTM does not have access rights to write in this folder.

You can check this by doing the following:

1: Locate and copy all .bin files from C:\GCMPCIdriver on the UTM, store these on another medium like a memory stick or another place on the hard drive.

2: make sure the folder C:\GCMPCIdriver is empty.

3: shut down and Power off the UTM leave off for 30 sec.

4: Power on the UTM. Check that the folder C:\GCMPCIdriver is still empty, and that the UTM starts with no warping or blending adjustments.

5: Start CompactControl.

6: Load CVD file.

7: when your image is correctly adjusted, save to device.

8: check that there is one .bin file for every channel in the folder: C:\GCMPCIdriver

9: Check that UTM keeps correct settings at startup