This article describes the difference between RJ11 and RJ12, which is the standard cable for serial communication between Sensor Processor Boards, nBox and nControl. 


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For the sake of simplicity and flow of reading, this article uses the word nControl for all 3D perception's control system software. However, if you have CompactControl installed on in your system, you can still follow this articles suggestions. The article also refers to 3D perception's nBox, but the suggestion is applicable for UTM and Megawall products as well.


The registered telephone jack standard has been around for some time. It is abbreviated as RJ. The next two digits identify the specific standard. 

3D perception uses RJ12 for all serial communication between Sensor Processor Boards, nBox and nControl.  


The RJ11 and RJ12 standards are quite closely related and look identical. This is because they both use the same six slot connector. The only difference between these two is how they are wired and the number of the wires that are being used. RJ12 is a 6P6C wiring standard. This means that there are 6 wires that are terminated in the connector, occupying all the available slots. RJ11 is a 6P4C wiring standard and only has four wires terminated in the connector. The remaining two slots are not in use. 

Correct wiring of RJ12 for use with 3DP equipment.